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The art of preparation: feeling whole and satisfied

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Wow, three-day weekends sure do go by way too quickly. Long weekends give us all time to have a little extra fun, a little extra rest, or a little extra time to soak in sunshine. Another benefit of a three-day weekend? Extra time to prepare.

Preparing can take shape in many ways - grocery shopping, housekeeping, running errands, or doing laundry. (Quick side note about laundry… although I recognize that I must switch it from machine to machine, I am cognizant that I am indeed using a machine. I am not washing it myself. I say this because I have decided to stop complaining about using modern innovations to make my life easier… complaining about these things makes me feel like my Nana is going to come back from the dead to yell at me about how easy my life is.)

Anyways, I found myself responding to emails, mentally crossing things off of my to-do lists, and laying out an outfit for my next work day. (Neurotic? maybe. You might not laugh so hard when you want that extra five minutes in bed.) Aside from the to-do’s and must-do’s, my preparation also focused on the practice of feeling satiated and whole.

“She’s crazy! How do you practice feeling whole?!”

Sometimes I spend my emotional resources going down the rabbit hole of “what if”… what if I lived somewhere else? What if I had a different job? What if I had my own yoga studio in my own home? Would life look any different to me? Maybe. The truth is, none of those things matter if I do not feel satisfied with myself and who I am. If I am not feeling whole, enough, satisfied, and satiated, I am not prepared to deal with any curve-balls life throws at me. I become overwhelmed and start to become forgetful, tired, panicky. So, practicing feeling whole (feeling confident, feeling grateful, and feeling fulfilled) was really the best preparation I could engage in.

How did I practice feeling whole?

- I hung out with friends that made me feel grounded, strong, and funny. Every time I spend time with then, I feel like I am ready to embrace being powerful, strong, and capable. These friends make me feel immediately at ease and at home. (Some of them have blogs which you should also investigate… see here and here)

- I read books and articles that nurtured my inner nerd, texts that made me feel deeply engrossed with the philosophy of yoga and trauma sensitive approaches.

- I rested. There is nothing worse then trying to feel good about yourself when you keep yawning.

- I practiced yoga. I practiced in my room and I practiced with others. And every time I came to the mat, I felt more sure of myself and more confident that I was in the right place at the right time.

There are a million ways to practice feeling whole – feeling as though your best self is filling out your skin. What are some of the ways that you prepare to feel whole?


  1. Awe, yay, thank you friend – and right back at you. So nice to get to spend time together this week. And love the blog post! xoxo

  2. Okay, so I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I used the three-day weekend to – get this – develop a “Chore Schedule” listing what cleaning/chores I should do every morning and evening. It’s now taped to my fridge. I don’t know who I am right now, but it’s really nice in the morning to find the dishes are already done and the laundry is put away! And I’m not spending my whole weekends spinning in circles crying, “So much to do! I live with PIGS!” Getting cleaned up and organized kind of makes me whole in a weird way.

    • Emily! I love this – and I don’t think it is weird at all. Just yesterday I couldn’t find my car registration, my trunk was overflowing with yoga mats and dirty clothes, and I could barely get it together. Organizing made me feel more put together, more level, more even keel, and generally increased my overall sanity :) Anything you can do to feel like you are making space to enjoy your day and feel gratitude is incredibly important! xo

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